Guinness - Tipping Point (2)

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I don't know what to say. Volvo's greatest idea with Heinz's best signature ever. Come on guys, what's the point on this one? A little originality wouln't hurt when shelling out the big bucks on mega productions. Reported costs on the entire "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" campaign: £10 million pounds (19 million canadian). And this doesn't even feel like Guinness at all.

Plus, for some unexplainable reason, watching this makes me thirsty for Coke.

Well. If there's anything to say, TheMill really did a great job on the CGI.

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2 Reply to "Guinness - Tipping Point"

Anonymous on 9:57 am

"Cog" by Guiness 2 years later...
"Good Things Come to those who wait" ;-)


David Claude on 10:08 am

Yep. These guys sure didn't let cars bother their beer celebration ;-)


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