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(...) I think we all agree that there is no debate around the fact that yes, human rights are broken everyday elsewhere in the world. Amnesty, stop hitting that nail.

Amnesty International's goal is to "work to protect human rights worldwide", not just "constantly try to gather worldwide agreement on being against injustice and violence".

Amnesty has a two-pronged mission: "preventing" and "ending".
"Voicing an opinion" is preventing. "Acting" on this opinion is ending.

That "preventing" part is only 50% of the solution, and they are only advertising that part. That's the problem I have.

The other 50% is "ending". My point was to say they are not advertising that part enough."
And unquote.

To end massive problems, Amnesty needs the help of masses, and talks to us as a mass. But we are *not* a mass anymore. We were a mass in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Now, we are millions of individuals. Amnesty should realize that, and talk to us as individuals. Listen to the first fact stated in this TV ad: "There are 27 million people enslaved worlwide, generating annual profits of 9billion dollars". Massive. But I don't believe I , as an individual, can help put an END to this massive problem by myself, but I believe I can concretely act towards it if you present the problem to me in more accessible steps. There must be something that I alone can do to directly help at least *one* other human being like me. What is that thing, Amnesty? Get inspired by, and please find a good idea.

If "preventing" has a voice, "ending" should have ways. Amnesty, give us a voice to prevent, but give us ways to end as well. Show us more of the good we're doing.

And less of this:

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