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Are you of those who think terms like "surfing the web" or "navigating" or "exploring the cyberspace" are way, way out? Well, you're absolutely right. The cool thing to do now is "stumbling". Stumbling upon webpages gives you the bragging right to say you've found the coolest thing, aaaall by yourself. Well, a small company called "StumbleUpon" decided they would help you do some wicked stumbling. And thanks to them, soon people will be able to say "Hey, I've Stumbled this today".

The system is pretty simple. You (freely) register to StumbleUpon, and download their toolbar. (I personally hate software that adds toolbars to my browser, but this is different. Way different.) Then, you click a few boxes identifying your main areas of interest. Say, you like "sports" and "movies", and also ummm, "food". And you're done for the registering part.

Now, the fun part. Everytime you click the little "Stumble!" button on your toolbar, you're presented with a random original and interesting webpage, featuring content of your preselected preference. And you can be certain it will be original and interesting because it has been chosen by users like YOU, who thought it was original and interesting. And of course if you have a webpage you recommend for stumbling, you can propose it to StumbleUpon, and they will add it to their Stumbling database. It's that good. It's that simple.

This means GOOD WEBBAGE GUARANTEED. Everytime you fall on a new page, you can vote if you like it, or don't like it. If too many people don't like the choice, it gets flushed out.

Folks, while this is not a search engine or the next Google, I predict it will become VERY BIG. I could go on talking about the possibilities of such an engine, but it's early and I didn't have breakfast yet. But, check out StumbleUpon rrrright now. It's worth a download.

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