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Berlin Ohne-Scheiss or "Berlin Without Shit" is a project created by a graphic designer living in Berlin, Alejandro Lecuna. Its goal: to attract attention upon Berlin's most prominent dog poo problem. Here's an excerpt from the press release you may find on Alejandro's site,, in the "blurred" section.

"The Ohne Scheiss Project is a grass-roots effort focused on arousing solidarity between pedestrians to help them overcome the dog shit left by some Berliner dog owners. The idea is to mark and limit dog shit with florescent shapes, so that other pedestrians become aware of the potential danger ahead. The concerned pedestrian needs only to rip off the shape and lay it on the sidewalk so it encircles the offending area. Allegoric and visually pleasing shapes make use of popular humor to express personal opinions about the issue in discussion (holy shit! hot-shit, dirty-shit, shit!...)".

Very scatologic. I like the idea. I love the pictures.

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