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Monday, July 03, 2006 by , under

Hey, happy monday everyone. I've decided to kick off this week's posting extravaganza with some new gadgets. Here's the Stripy Sound Series, a small yet powerful set of multipurpose mobile desktop speakers. Aside their sexy brush-metal finish and angled rotating heads, the dynamic duo also features touch-sensitive controls which you can steer to deliver a crystal-clear maximum of 13 watts of raw power, arf arf arf.

Check out these touch controls: they glow a different color according to the function being adjusted. Wooow.

You can use the Stripy on pretty much any device you own: iPod, Sony PSP, iMac, laptop, etc.

The Stripy is made by Music Studio in Honk Kong. I've browsed through their site but couldn't find a proper link to buy them online. I've made my little research on Ebay and here's the cheapest offer I've found. You can thank me right now.

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