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Sorry everyone, I'm not having as much time to post as I'd like to these days, advertising keeps me busy -- AdKrispies NEEDS YOU! Really. If there are any contributors out there interested to write some krunchy goodness here and there, write me por favor, and I'll prepare
you a spot inside my heart.

Now - check this out. A box filled with 1000 blank puzzle pieces, and a can of Red Bull Energy Drink. On the box is written: "Bring it on". While I clearly get the message that Red Bull increases concentration, I wonder where this was distributed, to whom, and if it was part of a bigger campaign. Anyone knows?

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5 Reply to "RedBull Promo"

La Pie on 5:35 pm

Je devrais t'envoyer des liens des fois...
Very nice ads!


David Claude on 7:39 pm

Ben oui! Envoie-moi des trucs que tu trouves. Toujours heureux d'avoir du nouveau stock.


Anonymous on 6:50 pm

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Anonymous on 1:42 am

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