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Picture yourself walking somewhere in the forest, happening upon a weird looking insect. From your pocket, you take out a device about the size of a cellphone, stretch out a transparent screen, and scan the insect for instant on-screen information from a satellite-relayed database.

Fiction? Nope.

Once again, folks, another proof that we're in THE FUTURE: Google Vision. Still in early development process, GV is about the size of a cellphone and features a retractable clear screen — "...whose purpose would be to use image recognition and GPS data to tell you what you’re looking at", according to tech designer Callum Peden. The image you'd be scanning would be compared against a database of zillions of objects for info retrieval.

The device could also serve as an horizontal GPS, where you hold the window upfront, and it points you where to go as you look through the clear screen. Good morning, space cadets!

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