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Here's one off the oddmeter.

Howard Stapleton, electronics engineer of British Aerospace fame, came up with the idea of a tone that could only be heard by a specific ear. The man was fed up of kids hanging around his shop (the man has a shop of some sort), and invented a teenager-repellant box that can send 80-decibel soundbursts up to 16khz each THAT ONLY KIDS 20 and UNDER CAN HEAR. Same concept as a dog whistle, but for annoying groms.

Now, to make a long story short, a cellphone company salvaged the technology to put it to better use, and is now providing a more agreeable ringtone in mp3 format. If you're curious, you can
hear the ringtone (or, if you're over 20, take a long and meaningful look at it) and download it by clicking on this very long link.

(Thanks Karine :)

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