Friday Squirrel Picture (3)

Friday, June 16, 2006 by , under

This one reminds me a bit of Margaret Perrin's performance on Trading Spouses, something which left a part of my brain scarred for life.

"They're DARK-SIDED!!!!"

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3 Reply to "Friday Squirrel Picture"

Anonymous on 1:09 pm

LOL!!! Oh my god someone has to lock her UP!!!


Anonymous on 12:26 am

Man, you got to be careful with these things. Sure they look all furry and cute, but hopped up on a little crack they are dangerous as hell!


Ameratis on 9:35 am

I am so late seeing the squirrel picture! Here are my captions though abit late:

"Oh my gawd Becky!"




"And hear we see the 'Crouching haunches, Hissing squirrel' move that was made famous back in 1888 by Sir Nutsin Durt"

Ok yes they were all bad but it is still early...well ok maybe not that early but it is before the energy drink and the brain is only 1/3 functioning!

The Imp :)


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