Friday Squirrel Picture (2)

Friday, June 09, 2006 by , under

Hello, world. Each friday, I will be posting a picture of a squirrel in honor of the little furry rodent, who is largely unadvertised. You may comment on the picture, by adding a humorous caption of your choice, hence giving people a new perspective on this otherwise common critter. So, without any further introduction here's our first squirrel, in full deployment.

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2 Reply to "Friday Squirrel Picture"

Anonymous on 2:00 pm

A squirrel, in midst of being abducted by a stealthy zyplon-class alien spaceship. I'm saying zyplon-class, but it could be anything else.


Ameratis on 3:32 pm

"Hey Mom! Look! No hands!"


"To infinity and beyond!"


"Gimme an H!"


"Wally Nutsin is going for the four paw underlooping belly flop today. This particular movement has not been successfully executed since Chip Indale at the Pine Needle Nationals of '88. Will a new record be set today?"

Ok I could keep going but I will spare everyone!

The Imp :)


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