1-second radio ads: good idea or not? (0)

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I catched this subject on the Ad age newsletter, and I deemed it interesting enough (for once) to bring back on my Blog. 1-second radio ads would be called "Blinks", and could be featured in precise air time positions as quick Jingles (for example, McDonald's "I'm Loving It", or Intel's annoying keyboard punching).

Blinks would be a way to extend a brand's reach through innovative use of media - apparently an omnipresent wish among radio announcers, says Clear Channel VP-Creative Jim Cook - and something which could be perceived as positive and surprising by the audience.

On the downside, Ad Age reports, "...critics suggest the format is likely to fit a very small number of advertisers and is too restrictive for meaningful creative."

What do you think, world? 1-second radio ads, good idea or not? Discuss.

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