Stena Line: Free Travel For Grown-UPs (0)

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Stena Line is a swedish travel company that offers free travel for parents when accompanied by their kids. Now that's a novelty. Created by DDB Oslo, this campaign has recently won at the EPICA awards. If you asked me, I'd give the award to the client, for coming up with such an insightful marketing strategy. But still the creative is well executed, and says what has to be said. (Thanks, AdArena!)

Gimme a company that produces jock straps for dogs and see what I come up with.

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Grolsch: One Green Bottle (0)

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Grolsch ad inspired from the One Red Paperclip story. Kinda funny, kinda entertaining story. But from an advertiser point of view, I can't help but think that the more things go, the more this kind of TV spot is bound to disappear. It's a 30-sec movie, which will spark little or no discussion ("Hey, seen the latest Grolsch spot?" "Yeah." "Cool, huh?" "S'alright." And that'll be the end of that) and whose return on investment is measured in the number of views. Getting old, announcers? Are you moving more product? Are you really getting all the brand equity you're entitled to? Who knows. Try going further next time.

(Thanks, Adverblog!)

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