Spotted on Tokyomango, here's a 90's ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenneger advertising an energy drink called "Arinamin V" in Japan. The clip itself is a treasure of weirdness when you don't understand japanase, but fortunately, our friend Lisa at Tokyomango took the care to explain:

"Schwarzenegger wins a bunch of money at a strictly business mahjongg game that he and his business partners are hosting. (He was supposed to let the client win.) His partner, the guy on the right, freaks out, saying "No no no, you're not supposed to win!" As expected, the defeated (and humiliated) client says: "Mr. Inoue, I'm sorry, but we'll have to retract from the previous agreement." Arnold hides behind the wall, and emerges saying "Daijou-V!" And the chorus starts chanting the same thing. (Daijobu means "it's all good" in Japanese.) All of a sudden, everything is all good. The businessmen shred the papers, forget the formalities, and have a blast. Arnold has saved the day without using superpowers or politics."

Wow. I could never have guessed. (Thanks, Tokyomango!)

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Books won't let you down (0)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 by , under , , ,

CHECK OUT THIS CRAZY GOOD, slap-your-forehead-cuz-you-aint-worth-shit campaign for booksplus. I think they nailed the one universal message that says it all. I am in awe. I'm going to practice my advertising swing right now. (Thanks, BoingBoing!)

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