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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by , under

You wanna have your brilliant campaign featured on AdKrispies? You got a smashing spec idea and you want to share it with the entire world (in a very naive, inconscient move)?

Send it to me with a short article describing the work, and context of presentation.

AdKrispies is viewed daily by hundreds of advertising professionals, ex-professionals, and normal people around the globe. Help us grow bigger by having your agency's work featured here! Don't forget to ask mommy or daddy first.

Thanks for watching us!

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CBS goes kookoo (0)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by , under

CBS found an original way to promote its newborn september programming : print lil' advertisements of their different shows on eggs. Every possible egg-related pun has been thoroughly baked, flipped, and re-baked:

- The Amazing Race: Scramble to Win on CBS!
- Smith: Professional Poachers
- CSI: Crack the case on CBS

and the most rewarding

- How I met your mother: Find Your Chick on CBS

Chick. Gghee-hee-hee.

(Thanks, Marketing Alternatif!)

Think they'll make bacon with that? Zinggg!

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Wreck Your Racquet (0)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by , under

Made for Tennis Canada, "Wreck Your Racquet" is a viral game intenting to promote the upcoming Rogers Cup World Tennis Championship, held from August 12-20 in Montreal.

By visiting the site you get to play an interactive, pixel-flavoured game of tennis and by doing so, you get the chance to win a pair of tickets / VIP package for the Rogers Cup.

"Wreck Your Racquet" was made by our very own Revolver 3, here in Montreal. (Thanks, Infopresse!)

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10 Ways (0)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by , under

"As media evolves at a breathtaking space, imagery is more vital than ever to the way we communicate. We've collaborated with 5 leading designers to create 10 ways : interactive experiences that explore what makes visual language so powerful, and where it can take us."

The short yet meaningful intro to 10 ways, a very trippy Getty Images project. Very abstract, very metaphoric, yet an interesting study of our interaction with images, and how it may change the way we communicate.

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Cool New Advertising Blog (0)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by , under

I'm always looking out for other cool advertising blogs, and this is one I found particularly worthy of my attention (such an arrogant bastard) : "How Did You Come Up With It" is about finding those creatives who racked up trophies at Cannes, and have them talk about how they came up with their idea in the first place. The blog is held by Alex Beker, an art director from Toronto.

So far he's got an interesting collection of several articles, notedly from Santo Buenos Aires, BBH London, Taxi Canada, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT India and FCB Johannesburg, among others -- all of whom share the thinking behind their Cannes success story. Motivating.

Check out How Did You Come Up With It (once you're done with me, first.)

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