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Brilliant. Counter-effective as a billboard, but great in a portfolio. Congrats to Christian Mommetz and Stephan Vogel at Ogilvy &Mather, Germany. I'll put this one on my fridge. (Thanks, AdArena!)

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Vintage Ads (0)

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Tasty vintage treats from YouTube, for your morning viewing pleasure. (Thanks, AdArena!)

"Down, down, down, the stomach thru
Down, down, down, the system too!
With Alka Seltzer they always say,
Relief is just a fart away!"


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An newcoming online casino service provider named Gnuf decided they needed a big idea to get people flocking in worldwide. Something viral, that would really roll up a into a huge snowball. (Snowball. Haha.) Well, they found the idea, made it happen and got it rollin' (drum fill).

Giant dice. Rolling down from the crest of a huge, snowy peak, after being dropped by helicopter. And you, lucky interneteer (internettist? webber?) get to bet on what the final results will be.

Have a peak (chinng!) at some of the shots from the event at The World's Greatest Dice Roll.
(Thanks, Adverblog!)

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