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Check out the web site for the new Volvo C30. Someone out there (in the corporate person of Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, congrats!) found the recipe for the perfect entertaining web site experience. My kinda crazy.

And the new TV spots are just excellent. In the cinema section, you can actually download them for your Ipod or PSP - and rate them! Wow. With their "What do you think?" line, Volvo rejoins this club of announcers who finally opened up their eyes on the whole word-of-mouth marketing craze these days, and put some more power in the hands the consumer. So to speak. And it's working! Proof is, I'm talking about it.

"Dear announcers: when planning your TV spots, stop wasting your budget on traditional media placement and leaving crumbs for creativity. Start thinking web placement and sharing. How good is that? Call Volvo. They know. Regards, AdKrispies."

Et voila.

This whole Volvo ordeal is so interesting, it actually restored 15 lost minutes of my life gone while watching 90210 episodes, back then.

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