Wrangler: Basic Cut (2)

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Here's a much debated series of ads for the Wrangler "Basic Cut" jeans line. I featured them because I want to know what you guys think. My opinion is that whatever they wanted to say is quite unclear, and that this is just another one of those "demonstrative logic" ads: let's show a (quite vague) caveman wearing these, because hey, "basic" cut. Basic. Get it? Sorry, no. Which one of ten possible explanations do you want me get? And are these really cavemen? Or just badly drawn people? I don't think these will resonate within your target audience. Sorry BBDO Singapore, not this time.

(Thanks, Ads Of The World!)

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2 Reply to "Wrangler: Basic Cut"

Unknown on 4:56 am

I'm a big fan of the evolution theory, so I love it. Very funny!


Anonymous on 6:34 am

I think you read into ads far too much. That's the problem with industry people. This campaign is so beautifully simple.

Obviously the world's best judges think it is clear too.


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