Another wonderful commercial for Orange Romania (the guys at W+K London look like they have all the fun), titled "Play". The ad encourages people to play more, stating that there's more to life than work. (Thanks, BestAdsOnTV!)

I have tried my best, I *cannot* figure out the first part of the V.O. I only keep hearing "You know, the mytsa-a-hard-rewark, there's always room for fun". Help my lack of understanding the deeper parts of the british accent.

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Anonymous on 5:41 pm

The V.O. says:
"You know, no matter how hard we work, there's always room for fun."
I used my New York, NY ears (now in Santa Fe, NM, USA) to decode.
Thanks for a great website to waste my workday at!


David Claude on 6:24 pm

Hey, what can I say. You can kiss those NY ears! And if you do, send a pic. Thanks for procrastinating on AdKrispies!


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