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YOU WANT TO BE THE COOLEST MINX in your agency/office? Get yourself this ah-bsoluteh-ly fah-bulous USB Fondue Set. This, friends. THIS, is the modern officemaker's companion. Your friends, family and colleagues will think you are DA MAN (even if you're a lady, with a cosmofonduetron set like that, you are da man).

Featuring a blue LED glowing heater, an LCD screen that displays current temperature, USB connection, and little forks. The Fundue can even display the name of Mp3s as you play them on your computer. Now I call that, THE FUTURE. As if all this goodness wasn't enough, they even packed a little recipe booklet filled with simple, office-friendly recipes to help you cook out a mean 8 o'clock for those long photoshop/powerpoint evenings. You can buy this little wonder over at ThinkGeek.

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