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Ever heard of Current? The Current TV Network lets its viewers create their own TV shows and videos, and airs them on the telly. Complete-consumer-made-content-driven TV. Wow. Awesome idea, and now they're going even further.

The Current TV Studio website is now letting users create their own ads for real-life sponsors like Toyota, L'Oreal, Sony and several other big fat brand names. What's more, you have a shot at making some fat cash out of it! If your ad gets chosen by the brand to air on Current, you get $1,000. If it's real good, and it gets chosen to air on (bigger) actual TV channels, you can get anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. Smashing.

The concept is simple, fun and easy to use: You pick an assignment (for example, L'Oreal), read the little brief, download some material to put your ad together, and upload the whole thing in what they call a V-Cam package. I know I'm giving this a shot pretty soon.

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