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Hello, crowd. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm currently on vacation, or something that resembles it closely. I won't update exactly every day, but stay tuned nonetheless because I might add goodies here and there - depending on mood /time of day/fun factor.

(Also explains why I stopped my updates on the Cannes Lions. The Guinness "Noitulove" spot won the film Grand Prix, unsurprisingly. So, if there's lack of surprise, there's lack of interest. And, my friends, only interest is posted here :-)

So, relevantly, if any of you have interesting links to stuff you deem interesting, please post an interesting comment below and you can be sure I'll be interested enough to add it.

Okay, ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF! Check out the new Coca-Cola gig, out in France and USA. It's called Coca-Cola Blak: The Unique Fusion of Coca-Cola and Coffee extracts.

WOW. Coffee. And Coke. For those of you whose morning perks are essential to a proper wake-up sequence, THIS, my friends. This, is the brew of the gods. Coca-Cola Blak will get you ssssstarted. IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? No. It's your heart rate.

Check out their awesome site here. Both french and english versions are worth seeing.

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