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 is one man - Casey Walker - 's hope to gather enough funds to shoot his own feature film, titled "Free For All But You". Something along the lines of "There's Something About Mary", "Chasing Amy" or "Bottle Rocket". Written by Jon Tucker. Pure absurd delight. Casey is a talented 30-year old canadian director , who's been already shooting commercials and other projects.

How's he going to get the moolah rollin'? Easy. By selling his movie's frames out on the Internet. Wanna become an instant executive producer for "Free For All But You", and support a great movie project? Just buy one frame. That's all you gotta do to get your name in the credits of a possible worldwide blockbuster. And what's more, when the movie makes money (and it will), you'll get your share of the gold for owning frames. Probably not much, but who cares. It's all for a good cause: creativity.

So far, Casey has sold 15,680 frames, believe it or not. He's got his own blog, on which he talks about the entire experience.

Support indie filmmaking! Support Casey - a great guy - and support your possibly insanely rich and happy future ass. You never know. Go check out

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